Branding is at the core of everything we do!

Well designed branding isn’t just a logo, it’s the imagery and content that flows throughout your business. Think about your favourite brands. What makes them recognisable to you? It could be the logo, the colours, the imagery used, the tone of voice, the slogan or usually a combination of all. If you relay too heavily on your logo as your branding you are making a big mistake.

All too often a logo is treated as being ‘THE BRAND“. Although they do go hand-in-hand, they are definitely not the same. Far to many businesses overlook the potential of what a brand can accomplish, and settle for just a logo. At the core, branding is an emotional experience; this is not something that you can achieve with just a logo.

Based in the Lancaster and Morecambe area Utter Creatives Ltd think out side of the box when creating your branding to ensure our clients stand out from their competitors.